Rocio Treminio-Lopez

Together we can get the representation we need, in Maryland State Senate!

What Inspires Rocio to Do This?

I am a hard-working and persistent woman with a vision for a more equitable, cleaner and stronger District 47.


Who is Rocio Treminio-Lopez ?

Rocio is a hardworking, persevering woman that is passionate about community-building, community development and small business growth. 

As the first elected Latina in Maryland to server as a Mayor of Brentwood, Rocio understands what it takes to represent everyone in a diverse community.

Learn About Rocio's Vision
and the Issues She’ll Fight for as Senator:

Over-crowded Schools
All our schools are over-crowded, we have no funding to build additional schools.
Low Income Families
There is a lot of money in the state that needs to reach communities that need it the most.
District Cleaning
Our District is strewn with trash, it looks blighted and ignored with trash pilling up in our parks and flowing into bodies of water and watersheds.
Business Development
With additional resources I will help build businesses, advocate and allocate the needed funds to move us out of this pandemic.

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Rocio is a hardworking, persevering woman that is passionate about community-building, community development and small business growth. Previously Rocio Treminio-Lopez has served as the first elected Latina Mayor in the city of Brentwood, State of Maryland. At the same time working as Prince George’s Economic Development Corporation’s Latin Small Business Liaison. Rocio is an active community member she has won the confidence and trust among Prince George’s residents. Together we can get the representation we need in Maryland State Senate!

Latest News and Updates

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